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Odessa Pharmacy believes that everything we do should improve the health, quality of life and happiness of our patients. We work hard to provide patients real value and work collaboratively with their health care providers to ensure a seamless transition of care. Odessa Pharmacy also takes pride in our passion for patient counseling, explaining the medication, potential side effects and future expectations for any given treatment.

Odessa Pharmacy operates under a strict set of rules and procedures that ensure the highest level of ethics and quality standards. We are committed to providing exceptional services in a caring and compassionate manner, but above all we will always strive to ensure our patients health and safety come first.

Odessa Pharmacy was founded by Hala Ismail RPh, a pharmacist with thirty-five years of work experience in the Health Care Sector of Ontario (Hospitals and Retail). Her extensive experience has also led her to becoming an assessor for the Ontario College of Pharmacy to ensure new graduates have the necessary knowledge to practice.

After completing her master’s degree in the early 80's, Hala began her successful career as a clinical pharmacist at the Kingston General Hospital and St. Mary’s of The Lake Hospital (Providence Care) specializing on acute care patients in long term care facilities. Hala is also certified with Ontario Pharmacist Association in Infectious Disease, Injection, Immunization and Obesity